Textures of India

What affects our choices in clothes?

Most basic ones are Lifestyles (City or suburbs or towns), Location i.e the Climate, temperatures or personal (family, body type, working/non-working). Strange enough, even if people shift from their native places, every person carries a part of their region, family, and other basics with them in various forms. One of them is clothes.

Let us first consider the most basic of our instincts to choose clothes, our family. Which is, in turn, has sub-factors like status, religion, geographical etc.


Traditionally the choices had more basic reasons: the people from Rajasthan are attracted to colors because of the lack of colors in the desert. Humid climate regions wore light fabrics like Mulmuls, whereas the cold climate regions wore the heavier versions of – traditionally natural fabrics –  but increasingly manmade fibers these days.

People from south India have more of subtle choices because of the abundance of colors in nature. South Indians are more attracted to silk which was naturally grown there, eastern states are attracted to cotton and linen, western and northern states to mostly different types of cotton.


Silks could be afforded only by royalty traditionally. So was the color indigo which was very rare and very costly.

Some regions were experts in the woven fabric designs like Gujarat and Andhra and some regions became the experts in the dyeing and printing of the fabric.

All the above factors became a part of the people in that region – apart which would be a choice to present and coming generations. As if all the above factors are not enough, in India, the choices are also affected by your marital status: your partner, even in-laws will pitch in with their own ideas depending on their background (not necessarily wrong or bad). But where do you fit in then? You end up having multiple personalities in clothes like psychological ones. You constantly struggle between the running trends and your deep and instinctive choices.

I say, find that perfect balance which will keep you happy.

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